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Sales Assessment

Your Challenge
Knowing if you are doing the right things to maximize revenue and profit

What You Need
– Identify your ideal sales model, whether it include distributors, channel partners, retail partners, or direct-to-buyer operations.

– Assess your market position, pricing strategy, and margins.

– Assess your company’s current people, process and sales technologies. Measure against industry benchmarks. Identify gaps in your sales performance and implement best practices.

“We can’t say enough about SalesXpert’s ongoing support in both helping us plan and execute our first-phase market entry program. From initial brand positioning, through pipeline development, and anchor client sales, they have provided sound advice and personally executed on key deliverables.”Winnie Chu, Founder & CTO, Nanozen Inc.

Market Validation

Your Challenge
Launching an Early-Stage Start-Up | Launching New Product Offering | Entering New Market

What You Need

  • A/B Market & Message Testing
  • Target Market Verification
  • Value Proposition Development & Validation
  • Core Differentiation Assessment
  • Minimum Viable Product Tests
  • Anchor Client Acquisition
“SalesXperts unique and dynamic sales approach has made an enormous difference in clarifying and focusing the marketing and sales strategy for Oracle Small Business.
They created, tested and implemented a strong sales process that engaged and educated our prospects, and most importantly, closed deals.”
Jim Labelle, Oracle Small Business

Lead Generation

Your Challenge
Having problems generating consistent, quality leads? Let our veteran business development experts find the right decision-makers representing the best sales opportunities.

What You Need

  • Inbound and Outbound Lead Qualification and Acquisition
  • Lead Nurturing and Conversion
  • E-mail marketing and “Social” Lead Outreach & Development
  • Maximizing your Event and other marketing investments


“SalesXperts lead generation campaigns are an integral part of our annual marketing plan to meet sales targets. Their integrated approach using the phone, email and digital marketing drives steady qualified leads and real sales opportunities to our team. The database we build in the process is used for future campaigns. The results are measurable and deliver a high ROI.”Guy Bouchard, President, MWC

Digital Marketing

Your Challenge

Cannot reach the targeted audience with well crafted product and services

What You Need

Social Media Marketing:

Social media paid advertising is the newest and hottest method of achieving your marketing goals. With its ability to closely target your optimal paying audience, along with its reasonably low cost, and highly versatile methods of delivery, social media advertising is a must have in your marketing efforts. Social media paid advertising is our bread and butter. We know exactly how to make it work for your company’s marketing needs.

Sales Funnel marketing:

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the world was filled with eager customers ready to throw money at you for your products and services? Unfortunately, sales are never that simple. Customers are significantly more complex, going through several stages on the road to a purchase.


Each of these stages is an opportunity to strengthen customer’s commitment to purchasing from you. Maximizing your opportunities is the art of the sales funnel. This is where Blue Fox shines. Let us show you how improving your sales funnels can increase the chances of turning prospects into clients.

Email Marketing:

Email marketing sounds so 2003, but in the right hands it can be a powerful tool to keep customers engaged with your products and services and generate new sales. We have many years of experience building targeted email marketing lists, writing compelling content that keep your customers interest, as well as eye catching subject lines that lower the chances of having your emails end up in the recycle bin.


Sales Pipeline

Your Challenge
Maximizing revenue while minimizing your cost of acquisition throughout your pipeline.

What You Need

  • Sales Pipeline Development and Metrics
  • Lower Sales Cycle and Cost of Acquisition
  • Sales & Fulfillment Scalability
  • A Reliable, Predictable Sales Engine
“We tried different firms for help with our new client acquisition strategy and implementation. Colin and his team were the only company to deliver on what they promised. They are a smart, experienced results driven team”Patrick Grogan, VP Sales and Marketing, NetSuite

Sales Training

Your Challenge
Needing you and/or your team to develop, learn and use a consistent sales approach and dialogue with your customers.

What You Need

  • A repeatable, trainable and measurable sales approach customized to your target buyer
  • A sales training program that motivates and aligns your team to use best practices and sales behaviours.
  • Team Development – Recruitment, On-Boarding, Compensation
“We were fortunate to work with Colin to establish a sales plan and sales training program for our team. Colin’s expertise, knowledge, and approach to sales training is exceptional. Colin provided us with practical solutions, enthusiastic and purpose driven training and helped us implement a constructive sales plan. Colin’s infectious enthusiasm for the sales process galvanized our team to learn to love sales! “Sandra Miles, President, Miles Group

Sales Systems

Your Challenge
Selecting, deploying, and training for the right sales and marketing tools for your company.

What You Need

  • Sales Tools Implementation & Configuration (CRM, Marketing Automation)
  • Database Building, Cleansing and Maintenance
  • Data Analytics and reporting



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