SalesXperts Approach

Buying is emotional. Selling is a science.
SalesXperts helps companies develop a combination of sales messaging with a scalable and replicable Marketing and Sales process that:

• Fills the sales pipeline
• Increases sales prospects
• Increases revenues
• Increases conversion rates
• Increases retention rates
• Reduces the sales cycle
• Reduces total cost of sales
• Provides dramatic ROI


We don’t just tell you what to do. We help you get it done. We will analyze your needs, strategize actionable plans, develop rapid workflows, and implement the process for you. We test it, show you the numbers, and deliver a proven process that is yours. We encourage you to get out there… test your target, test your assumptions, test your product, test your price point, test your brand. If something breaks? Fix, regroup and repeat.

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SalesXperts Team

Colin is a successful business owner and entrepreneur, operating SalesXperts since 1997. He is well known for helping individuals and companies in the Technology, Manufacturing and Financial sectors develop sales best practices to improve their bottom line. His clients have ranged from large organizations such as Oracle, Bell, and Vancity Credit Union, to over 200 small to medium-sized businesses at all stages of their business lifecycle.

Colin started Canada Start Up in 2005 to help entrepreneurs successfully grow their Startup ventures. He has been a featured facilitator and business mentor with the BCIT Venture Program, SFU Innovation Lab, and the Langara Entrepreneurial Training program.  He has been the key note speaker for several Entrepreneurial organizations including the MIT Venture forum in Seattle.

Colin has been heavily involved in the non-profit sector in Vancouver for organizations such as United Way and BC Cancer Society, dedicated to increasing corporate involvement in the community. He has served as Vice President of the Sales and Marketing Executives, has been a Big Brother, and coached minor league football for several years.

B.A Economics (Honours), Western University, 1987
Member of the Senate Review Board Academic

Areas of Expertise
Sales Strategy and Execution
Lead Generation
Sales Pipeline and Metrics
Sales Training

Chris has 15+ years experience in strategic marketing and operational start-ups, and has helped organizations position for market entry, streamline execution, push through financial ceilings, and build foundations to become best-in-field. An associate of SalesXperts, Chris supports ventures across a broad range of sectors including construction management software, e-learning, workplace hygiene, therapeutic apparel, industrial automation, event technologies, and anti-counterfeit authentication platforms. A part-time BCIT faculty-member, Chris is a strong advocate of continued learning, and devotes his spare energies towards providing practical, no-nonsense training to young professionals and entrepreneurs who need easily compressed, essential lessons (both theoretical and tactical) in a regularly changing business landscape.

BA Literature (Honours), McGill University, 1994
MBA, University of British Columbia, 1996

Areas of Expertise
Strategic Planning
Business Development
Digital Marketing & Sales
Business Economics & Money Management
Sales Systems Design & Implementation
Database Strategy & Configuration
Operational Processes